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The start of another Adventure!

Heading west!

We are embarking on a 7,300 mile, 20 day adventure that will include riding a northern route from Nantucket, MA to Denver, CO. Once there we will swap out our street tires for our off road tires (yes we do it ourselves the old fashioned way!). We will also store some of our gear and street tires to lighten the load a bit for off-road.

We will then make our way down to Four Corners Monument, where Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado meet. We will connect to the Colorado Back Country Discovery Route (COBDR) and ride off road / back country through the entire state of Colorado into Wyoming.

Upon completing the off road section of our trip, we will head back to Denver, change over our gear and head north back into Wyoming, (Jackson Hole, Tetons, Yellowstone), into Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and then straight back home to Nantucket!

Detailed posts to follow..


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