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2019 Coast - Coast Adventure Ends

My second coast to coast adventure comes to an end. Over 3 1/2 weeks and 7,700 miles on both pavement and dirt, from Nantucket, MA to Ventura CA, Mohave Desert and Death Valley. An amazing experience.

The trip began Tuesday, October 8 by bringing my bike off Island a few days early due to a Nor' Easter hitting the Island. The storm came in earlier than expected, so I ended up leaving the next day in the pouring rain! Heading up through the Berkshires, Albany and into Buffalo. My plan was to ride a northern route to California and then a southern route which would include Key West and then back up the east coast.

Weather always dictates where and when you can go, so my plans changed a little. I was able to stay north as far as Nebraska, but had to head south to Denver, avoiding snow. From there, I took a more traditional route through Los Vegas to Ventura.

Heading home, I did take the southern route through Texas and into New Orleans, but had to adjust the trip to head home after that.

This adventure was fantastic. I was exhausted, beat up and ready to see greenery after such a long time in the desert locations of the west!


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