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Colorado back country discovery route

Who We Are

The Nantucket Adventure Company (ACKADV) was founded by Kenan Giguere and Dean Miller, two Nantucket locals who are passionate about adventure travel and exploring new places. The company was created to promote and expose individuals and families to back country camping and adventure motorcycle travel.


Join us for guided experiences with support staff, catered meals and memorable camaraderie by the fire!

Backcountry Moto Experience

Join us on our 4-day adventure motorcycle ride as we travel along Backcountry Discovery Route's BDR-X, a 500 miles track through 2 million acres of public land known as the Pennsylvania Wilds.  One of the best outdoor recreation destinations in North America.

This 4 day adventure consists of 2 experienced guides and support vehicle, 1 night hotel lodging and 3 nights camping. All meals and lodging are included.


​2024 Dates

  • June:  Wednesday, June 5 - Sunday,  June 9 (Registration Closed) 

  • September: TBA

Camping in the PA Wilds

It has almost been a week since I got back an I can’t stop smiling thinking about our PA Wilds trip. I arrived at the meetup spot a little apprehensive and nervous at the same. Those feelings were quickly put to rest as Kenan and Dean briefed us on the trip. (I am a capable rider but not the most experienced and this would be my first official adventure ride). Safety and fun were stressed at the meeting. No one was pressured to ride above their capabilities. I found this comforting knowing I could push my boundaries but could always pull it back if I got worried. Dean, aka”Chef in Boots”, provided outstanding dinners each evening. Better than most high end restaurants. We were spoiled to say the least. Kenan, Miya and young Jack were most accommodating and helpful with anything we needed. The camaraderie that developed during this  trip was priceless. There is something about being out in nature with a bunch of cool people from different backgrounds that really keeps you grounded. Two of the days we rode the weather was terrible but I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. I sure hope to ride with these people again on a new adventure again someday. Thank you ACK Adventure Company for a beautiful memory.

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